Paso Robles Pet Care

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Michelle Bolling

Hello, my name is Michelle, a.k.a. Shelle.

I am new to the Paso Robles area, since June 2019.

I have enjoyed caring for client’s pets and securing their homes, in Carmel Valley and the Monterey Peninsula in the last ten years.

One of my greatest joys is getting to know and play with a variety of animals and children; they are such a precious gift.

I am an active artist and writer, and love being in nature. I welcome your inquiries and look forward to assisting you with your needs.

Michelle's Services:

  • Loving, attentive pet care, 24/7

    • Special diets

    • Healing needs

    • Daily walks, exercise, lots of play

    • Veterinarian and grooming appointments

  • Securing your home

  • Watering the garden

  • Checking mail and packages

  • Attentive home surveillance and protection

  • Accommodating any home repair or improvement projects.


"Ms. Bolling is very special. She has a very sincere love and understanding for our furry little friends. She has helped me several times with our one cat and our dog.

My pets took to her immediately, like they knew her and could trust her. She has that way with animals. She really loves animals and she has had lots of experience. She understands what they need and how to care for them. She is extremely conscientious.

I would not trust my little loved ones with just anybody, but I very definitely and confidently trust Ms. Bowling. I understand that she is quite busy, if you are lucky enough to get her, don’t hesitate. I recommend her without reservation to care for your pet ... for a short weekend or an extended stay.

She is very reliable and someone you can trust entirely when you need home health care for your pet when you are away on business or a vacation or holiday. And you can relax and enjoy your time away from home, confident that your “little loved one” is safe and sound and happy at home.

When you have used her once, you will want her to take care of your little loves one again and again.

Very respectfully submitted, Frank Stefanich"

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